Saturday, August 18, 2012

OSCP Certified

So, I know this is kinda late, but im now OSCP certified!

I ended up staying up late one night (about 2 days back) and at like 3 am I check my email and see this:

Congratulations, you have been certified :)

*extra stuff here*

blah blah blah

you should get your certification mailed to you within 80 days.

*my address and sensitive information here*


Yep :) So i should get it mailed to me soon. The only downside is that i will have to mail it to my parents first and then get it mailed to my colledge in england. Nothing I can really do about this unless I want further delays.

Anyway, may or may not be active on here. Kinda busy getting ready for colledge atm + getting the mindset right. If you want to talk to me atm im pretty active on IRC. You can find me on the #offsec or #intern0t sections of Freenode.

Well i'll see ya guys around,



  1. Congrats Tekwizz, recently saw your profile and amazed. So glad to see your passed OSCP and OSCE. keep up good work