Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Time :)

Hey guys,

So I suppose im long overdue for an update on this blog. A lot of things have happened between now and the last time I posted. Im finally done with my first year of college! \0/ Its great to finally be free to do stuff in spare time. Im hoping to get started reading The Art of Software Security Assessment. 1000 pages of code auditing information, but I think I can manage it, just got to resist the urge to try get ahead of myself :P

In other news i've got a summer job :) I will be working for 3 months over the course of the summer break. Looking forwards as the atmosphere seems to be great and the people are incredibly nice :) Can't wait to get started :)

Before that though I got a bit of a whirlwind tour trying to pack up this place and get stuff ready to go, then ill be traveling around a bit to see family and get some last things sorted out. Once we hit middle of June I should be more settled down, and things should become more stable as I start to settle into my new accommodation for the summer and get used to my first work experience (yeah I'll be honest...its my first work experience....unless you count a paper delivery boy as a "work experience" ;) )

I'll probs post some updates over summer when and if I have the time though most likely, knowing me, I'll be absorbed into whatever I'm working on.

Oh that I think of it....there is another thing I wanted to discuss. I know a lot of you are on here because you like exploit development right? I may be planning to expand a bit out from that. Ive come to realize that just doing exploit development isn't going to help me much if thats my only skillset. As thus I may start posting on some other things. Don't worry they won't be too crazy (I might do a little blog on my travels but thats about as far offtopic as it will go). They will probably revolve around the areas of password cracking or some lesser considered security area that tends to interest me that might be helpful to know for your tests.

Anyway thats all I have for now.

As always im available on twitter at @tekwizz123. The account is marked as private but your more than welcome to send an invite. I've just gotten tired of spam follows so I've set it to private to monitor this. I am usually on there so feel free to send me your questions, comments, or concerns via there.

I am also on IRC from time to time at #intern0t and #sectards on Freenode. Feel free to hop on and chat, im a very open guy and i'm more than happy to help people if they need anything.

Cheers guys n hope to meet some of you soon ;)