Saturday, March 31, 2012

Upcoming PyComands Post

Hey guys I'm working on making a PyCommands post in a few days based on what I just learned off of the Grey Hat Python book I just learned so be patient as I don't want to directly copy the entire book and walk you though it that way (though if needed I could. Just saying ;) )

Anyway in the meantime go check out . This guys a friend of mine and he's starting to post some rather awsome stuff on Web Security and Cryptography so if you want to see more stuff like what I post here go ahead and check his blog out.

Cya all in a few days.

Now where did those docs go...


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Setting up a Secure Browser (Firefox Way)

Hey well seeing as this is my first post I think I might start out with something relatively simple and something that I have been looking into for quite a while: privacy.

Yep, that one thing that everyone tries to take away these days. Oh but don't worry, I'll show you a quick and easy way to get around all of that. May your problems *click*

go away.

Step 1: Getting the Browser
Okay we are going to need a new browser first off. And not just any browser, but one specifically created for the task. Enter JohndoFox. This little nifty browser does nearly everything it can to make you as anonymous as it can.

Okay so the installation process should be pretty simple. If your on Linux instead of Windows (no, not Winblows you idiots...) type this:

*command time mates, do this in a shell*


tar -xvf jondofox_linux_en.tar.bz2

then it should be something like this (read the install file to make sure)

cd jondofox (or the name of the resulting directory from the above command)



make install

*end command time*

Let all that run or just click through the installer in Windows and let it set it all up with the defaults.

Step 2: Updating the Add-ons

Next thing we need to do is update the add-ons. While JohndoFox comes with some great add-ons, they will be out of date and will need to be individually updated so that you can use them. I'll wait for you to update each of them..........

still waiting........

Step 3: Getting Extra Addons (Full list)

Okay so we have done pretty good so far. But we need a few more things to ensure total privacy. In an upcoming post I will show you how to use all of these brilliant tools. Here is as comprahensive a list as I can think up of. Let me know if you have more.

A great tool for opting out of tracking searches.

This already comes with JohnDoFox, and allows you to disable scripts for certain sites. This is great cause not only do you have full control over what the page is loading, you can also allow certain scripts so that you can load certain content on a page without having to load, oh I don't know, *cough cough* Google Analytics *cough cough*.

For more information on this vital tool see

HTTPS Everywhere
Automatically enables HTTPS on every site that it can. This prevents your browser from sending data in plaintext where possible (doesn't work on all sites as some don't have a HTTPS option, but from personal experience most do these days)

Again just click on Firefox and load the .xpi. You might have do double-click on it or in rare cases, go to your file manager and make sure that you chose "Open with Firefox". From there the installation is automatic.

Adblock Plus
Automatically blocks advertisements based on a list of known advertisers. Blocks pretty much every add that I know of minus maybe 1-2 so far. Really nice tool.

Cookie Monster
For managing cookies (if you know how to do so. I might make a tutorial about this if you guys want....just leave a comment asking for it and if enough people want it, I will make one)

Thats all for now :) Let me know how it goes and remember to play safe with this.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello there

Hey there people :) Welcome to my blog. Here I'll be posting thoughts, feelings, reflections and other stuff on security. Expect to see some of the following:

  • Privacy
  • Web Application Security
  • Exploit Development
  • Assembly Basics
  • Whatever else comes to my mind....
Cya all around :)