Monday, June 25, 2012

A Complete Agglomeration of Fail

Well I guess you could make that two fails now that I look back on this. First fail: I havn't been blogging nearly as much as I thought I would. Then again that might be a good thing considering how much time has been required for this lab and getting the info + hosts I have gotten so far.

But so far is now only a relative term. Because guess what? I deleted my stuff.


Here's how:

rm -rf * (the directory I wanted to delete instead)

Guess what that equates to? This:

rm -rf *

So poor little me lost about a good 70% of his work in about 10 seconds. Yay. Shall I give a little overview?

  • Lost all scans and most of my notes.
  • Lost all my pictures.
  • All files downloaded from machines are now gone.
  • All dumped hashes are now gone.
  • The notes on the actual exploits for each machine are now gone.
  • Pretty much f***ing everything is now deleted or is not available to me.

Plus Sides:
  • For some odd reason, shutter happens to save each photo that you take as a snapshot before you choose the save as button and save it elsewhere. So I still have all my photos, just in a different place.
  • My memory for things is good, so I should be able to remember most of the exploits for the various hosts.
  • Downloaded files are actually not that big of a problem. Most of them were just downloaded because I could, a few actually mattered though.
  • The outline format for the notes still exists, so I know what information needs to go where, I just have to get the info first.

Yeah, so my 20-22 or so hosts that I exploited have to be redone again by hand. Double yay.

/end rant

In other news, I will be heading off to America soon to tour countries with my bro for colledge. Internet will be intermittent so if you have me on Skype just know that I won't be on very often. Because ontop of repairing all this damage I also have to try and wrap up the labs and exploit the last couple of hosts. To add to that I will also be traveling around quite a lot, and thus on those 6 hour car rides you can be sure as hell I won't have internet then.

Anyway, just giving an update on what happened and giving you your daily lolz.